Our company gives people all over the world the opportunity to gain access to modern medicines. We operate under the assumption that a grown adult, having consulted a doctor or guided by life experience, has the right to make their own decisions about which medications to take to improve their health and quality of life. Given this right, we do not require any prescriptions from our adult clients.

We consider limitations on the free purchase of medicines to be a violation of human rights. This practice, which is widespread in so-called democratic countries, is inhumane, contradicts basic democratic principles, and is aimed exclusively at enriching pharmaceutical corporations and government entities at the expense of ordinary citizens. While we also acknowledge that the circulation of certain drugs should be controlled to avoid abuse, the list of such drugs should be narrow and reasonable. In most so-called democratic countries, this list is almost all-encompassing, which, in our opinion, is an unacceptable abuse on the government’s part.

Our company gives back the right to the people of the world to freely purchase medication, and frees them from associated expensive medical services, which are hypocritically imposed by government agencies under the pretext of “caring for the health of citizens”. We liberate these citizens from the numerous bans and restrictions that have been established in the interests of pharmaceutical corporations.

Currently, Russian pharmaceuticals, which are being developed through state-sponsored support, are the world leader in a number of areas like antiviral drugs, antibacterial drugs, immunomodulators, drugs for treating and stimulating the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, hormones, sports medicine, and more. All Russian pharmaceutical companies manufacture their products under the strict control of state supervisory authorities, so the quality of Russian drugs is always impeccable. Products of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers are also subject to strict regulations before being allowed to enter the Russian market. Meanwhile, public benefit takes priority over the interests of the pharmaceutical giants. That’s the main difference between the Russian pharmaceutical industry and that of Western countries, where big companies, which are only interested in treating people instead of curing them, come first.

In addition, the Russian government imposes restrictions on the pricing models of foreign pharma giants when they enter the Russian market, seriously curbing their appetites. Therefore, drugs made in the United States are often much cheaper for Russian buyers than for Americans in the United States. The same applies to medicines made in Europe. Thanks to the socially oriented policy of the Russian authorities, we are able to offer our customers name-brand drugs at much lower prices, while pharmaceutical companies continue to rob people around the world in the name of democracy.

Naturally, in order to provide the necessary conditions for medical robbery of its citizens, the government bodies of these "democratic countries" create all kinds of barriers to entry for Russian-made products. Our company first succeeded in leaping these barriers in 2013, and since then thousands of people around the world have received their orders and become our regular customers.

Due to the nature of our services, we cannot utilize mainstream channels for advertising and promotion. Our first sales took place on Ebay back in 2013. Those were our first steps, the results of which can still be found in the reviews on our account, although most of them were removed by the Ebay administration after they blocked our lots and immediately introduced new selling rules. Here’s a link to the reviews on our Ebay profile

The good news is, there are still numerous reviews and discussions of our service on various forums and sites on the Internet. You also can see live reviews about our service on Trustpilot and on Instagram

Every day, people all around the world receive their orders from us in the mail, despite all the bans and restrictions. We know how it's done. This is our business.

Sincerely yours
RussianMeds Team