Please note that we supply only genuine medicines allowed for sale in Russian Federation under strict control of Russian authorities. We never sell unbranded pills produced somewhere unknown, by clandestine laboratories , etc.
Since government agencies in the so-called democratic countries  often prohibit the import of medicines by mail, we always ship discreetly to allow our customers to overcome limitations. It means that all items are packed extra, to guarantee successful passing border inspections, including visual control and X-Ray control as well. Needless to say, all items are declared as non-medical, in accordance with the applied packaging. Therefore, even curious neighbors or postmen will never know even approximately the contents of your parcel. The mode of mentioned extra-packaging is our know-how. We are experts here, this is our business.

Normally we ship next day after payment (except Sunday and state holidays).  In some cases, the dispatch time can be increased up to three days. Once the parcel is sent, you will be provided with a tracking number.
Please note that delivery time varies even for parcels sent to the same country. It depends on various reasons, and nobody can affect it. You can get an idea about delivery time statistics for your country here :
We always ship via Regular Mail. Please do not ask DHL or FedEx delivery, or so on. Such a wish will not be fulfilled,  and there are reasons for that.

Flat Delivery Rate is $18, for orders under $150. Orders over $150 are being delivered by free, regardless of delivery country.


We accept various payment methods  depending on customer's country. Exact list of available payment options will be provided on the payment link after order is placed.
Please note that paying with cryptocurrencies you always get significant discount on the payment stage.