Noopept is a modern supplement, effective for improve memory, increase concentration, also for emotionally labile disorders.

Pharmacologic action : nootropic


Noopept has nootropic and neuroprotective properties. It improves learning ability and memory, working on all phases of processing: the initial processing of information, consolidation, extraction. Noopept prevents the development of amnesia induced by electric shock, blockade of central cholinergic structures glutamatergic receptor systems, deprivation of paradoxical sleep phase.
Neuroprotective effect of Noopept is to increase the stability of brain tissue to damage (trauma, hypoxia, electroconvulsive, toxic) and the weakening of the degree of damage to brain neurons.
Noopept has an antioxidant effect, blocking of voltage dependent calcium channels of neurons, weakening the neurotoxic effects of excessive calcium, improves the rheological properties of blood, having antiagregatsionnym, fibrinolytic, anticoagulant properties.
Nootropic effect is associated with the formation of Cycloprolilglitsine similar in structure to endogenous cyclic dipeptide possessing antiamnestic activity and holynopozitive action.
Noopept increases the amplitude of the transcallosal response, facilitating associative links between the hemispheres of the brain at the level of cortical structures. It helps restore memory and other cognitive functions, disturbed as a result of the damaging effects - brain trauma, local and global ischemia, prenatal damage (alcohol, hypoxia).
The therapeutic effect of the drug in patients with organic CNS disorders manifested starting with 5-7 days of treatment. Firstly implemented anxiolytic and light stimulating effects, manifested in the reduction or disappearance of anxiety, irritability, affective lability, sleep disorders. After 14-20 days of therapy revealed a positive effect of the drug on cognitive function, attention and memory options.
Noopept has vegetonormalize action, helps to reduce headaches, orthostatic disorders, tachycardia.
When you remove the drug - there is no any withdrawal syndrome. It does not have a damaging effect on the internal organs; It does not lead to a change in the cellular composition of the blood and biochemical parameters of blood and urine; has no immunotoxic, teratogenic, does not exhibit mutagenic properties.


Umbercetam , absorbing in the digestive tract, in an unmodified form enters the systemic circulation, penetrates through the BBB, is determined in the brain in larger concentrations than in the blood.
Tmax = 15 minutes.
T1/2 of plasma = 0.38 hours, partially preserved in unchanged form, partially metabolized with the formation of phenylacetic acid, and phenylacetylprolyne cycloprolylglitsyne.
It has a high relative bioavailability (99.7%), not accumulates in the body, it does not cause drug dependence.


Violations of memory, attention and other cognitive functions, and emotionally labile disorder, including in elderly patients, under the following conditions and diseases:
consequences of traumatic brain injury;
post-concussion syndrome;
cerebral vascular insufficiency (encephalopathy different genesis);
asthenic disorders;
other conditions with symptoms of decline of intellectual efficiency.


hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption;
severe violations of the liver and kidneys;
age under 18 years.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions are possible. In patients with arterial hypertension, mostly severe, while taking the drug, an increase in blood pressure may be observed.
The interaction of Noopept with alcohol, hypnotics and antihypertensive drugs and psychostimulants has not been established.
Dosing and Administration
Noopept is taken after meal.
The treatment started with a dose of 20 mg, divided into 2 doses of 10mg (morning and afternoon). In case of insufficient efficacy and good tolerability, dose can be increased to 30 mg (10 mg x 3 divided doses throughout the day). Do not take the medication after 6 p.m.
The duration of a course of treatment - 1.5-3 months. If necessary, a second course may be carried out after 1 month.


The temperature is not above 25 °C (77 °F)

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