Hypoxen is currently the only drug on the Russian market containing the active substance sodium polydihydroxyphenylene thiosulfonate. The mechanism of its action is associated with the ability to facilitate the supply of oxygen to the cells of the body, compensate for the processes of energy production (ATP molecules) disturbed due to oxygen starvation and reduce the need for oxygen in organs and tissues, increasing resistance to hypoxia in total.
In addition to the antihypoxic properties, Hypoxen also has antioxidant properties and helps prevent the development of oxidative stress.

Active substance:

Sodium polydihydroxyphenylene thiosulfonate (hypoxen®)

Pharmachologic effect:



Hypoxen belongs to the class of antihypoxants and antioxidants that reduce oxygen consumption and increase the body's performance in extreme conditions.
The drug has an antihypoxic effect by increasing the efficiency of tissue respiration under hypoxic conditions, especially in organs with a high level of metabolism (brain, heart muscle, liver).
Hypoxen provides: reduction of oxygen consumption during significant physical exertion, improvement of tissue respiration, reduction of mental and physical fatigue, successful completion of labor-intensive physical operations.


- to improve performance in extreme and adverse conditions, accompanied by a lack of oxygen (high mountains, Arctic conditions, underwater work, etc.);
- mental and physical overstrain, operator's activity and other intense loads accompanied by chronic tiredness and fatigue;
- in the complex therapy of severe traumatic lesions, blood loss, major surgical interventions, respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, obstructive bronchitis);
- as part of the complex therapy of stable angina pectoris (prevention of angina attacks), arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure I and II FC according to NYHA.


individual intolerance, pregnancy, lactation period, hemorrhagic stroke.

Side effects:

Individual intolerance to the drug, allergic reactions.


Negative pharmaceutical, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions with other drugs have not been established.
Incompatibility of the drug with other drugs has not been identified.

Dosing and Administration:

For adults, before or during meals, with a little water. A single dose for adults is 2-4 capsules.
The maximum daily dose used is 12 capsules. The calculation of the daily dose per body weight is given in the table.

Body weight (kg)Daily dose (capsules)

Elimination of hypoxia that develops in extreme conditions: hypoventilation of the lungs, high mountains, underwater work, work at elevated temperatures, classes
Sports: 1 daily dose 30-60 minutes before exercise.
Prolonged intense mental activity, chronic fatigue, reduction of the recovery period after excessive physical exertion, injuries, surgical interventions: ½ daily dose 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Courses can be repeated with a break of 1-2 weeks.
Complex treatment of pneumonia: ½ daily dose 2 times a day, course 14 days. Comprehensive treatment of obstructive bronchitis: ½ daily dose 2 times a day - 2 courses for 14 days with an interval of 7 days.
Complex treatment of bronchial asthma: ½ daily dose 2 times a day; courses for 21-30 days with an interval of 10 days.
Comprehensive prevention of stable angina pectoris: ½ daily dose 2 times a day, a course of 15-30 days with an interval of 10 days.
Complex treatment of hypertension: ½ daily dose 2 times a day, course 10 days.
Complex treatment of heart failure: ½ daily dose 2 times a day, course 10-14 days.


Symptoms: dry mouth, nausea and discomfort in the abdomen, in rare cases - respiratory depression. Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy.

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sodium polydihydroxyphenylene thiosulfonate
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